Power Care

NeutrAroma™ freshens up synthetics with lasting effect. The technology neutralises unpleasant odours while keeping substances that cause those nasty smells at bay, giving you a freshly pleasant wearing sensation.

Taking nature as a role model, bionicdry® with its organic chitosan-based formula keeps dirt and moisture off the fibres without compromising the fabric’s breathability.

Work Out

Special combination of materials for excellent cushioning against extreme pressure, relieving the joints. Particularly effective at providing relief in hard, sharp stops and turns.


The material absorbs energy from pressure as you run, and returns that energy through your foot with every step for increased energy efficiency, stamina and more lasting performance.


Relieves the heel on impact with the ground, reducing rebound for highly effective relief to the joints and ligaments.

The material is designed in such a way as to provide extreme cushioning while maximising energy recovery. Perfect power transmission to boost your jumping dynamic with extremely effective rebound.


Especially breathable special foam for added cushioning and perfect air comfort.


This high-quality combination of aluminium and nylon is highly effective at keeping the cold out from underneath. The nylon protects the aluminium layer for long life and high durability under extreme loads.


Specialised air pockets in the material store body heat while noticeably softening your step. The aluminium layer keeps the cold out from underneath and the warmth inside your shoe.



The insulation material PrimaLoft® is being used mainly in the outdoor industry, predominantly within jackts, gloves and shoes and is being known as an alternative to down. The innovative PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco is made of 90% recycled fibres from used plastic bottles.

PrimaLoft® is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc.