WORK OUT functional insoles are available in Performance, Motion and Lifestyle categories with different models tailored to provide ideal foot support for ambitious athletes.





OPTIZONE – The innovative insole concept

Light foot deformities are not a rare occurrence even in healthy feet. The bad news: Deformities often lead to pain in the foot or musculoskeletal system during activity, especially during sports. The good news is that there is a way to combat the pain. Five different OPTIZONE insole models (zones 1 to 5) designed for the five most common foot deformities are each ideal for relieving the individual complaints involved.

Specifically, OPTIZONE features slightly raised firmer zones coloured green on the corresponding base layer of the insole. These zones support the foot at certain points, compensating for the deformity.


OPTIZONE features

  • Extremely lightweight, slimline insoles
  • Corrective action and relief for slight foot deformities
  • Ideal for anyone looking for relief from foot pain during activity


Which OPTIZONE model is the right one?

Specific wear patterns on shoe soles are the most important indication of malpositioning. The green zones on the ideal OPTIZONE insole will roughly match the worn areas on the shoe sole.

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