About BNS


Natch! As in Naturally! Once it dawned upon us, we knew there couldn’t be any other name when we founded the brand back in 2015 – natch! gives you the best in sports performance with the ideal power products for cleaning and impregnating function fibres and shoes; the brand also includes footbeds, insoles and other accessories. Whether you’re a pro or an avid amateur, we think that the ideal kit deserves the ideal care. We operate according to the principle that better sports kit performance means better sports performance.


The natch! brand belongs to BNS Bergal Nico Solitaire Vertriebs GmbH. BNS was founded in Mainz 1999, as the name suggests, from a merger between the three companies Bergal, Nico and Solitaire, whose core business was to sell shoe-related accessories to specialist shoe shops, department stores, and orthopaedic shoemakers. We’ve been regularly stocked at stores ever since, and our regular brands can be found in many sportswear retailers as well. Decades of knowhow in cleaning agents together with close collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine professionals have formed a solid basis to base our natch! brand on… and you can feel it.


Sustainability in thought and action is one of our most important principles. You’ll see it the minute you set foot in our building – the most sustainable building in Germany and the headquarters of Werner & Mertz GmbH, one of our two parent companies and a company well-known for innovative, sustainable brands such as Frosch. We have planned and operate our manufacturing facilities and building services using renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power and geothermal energy wherever we can, and use up to 100% recycled materials from old bottles to package our cleaning and care products. We take back plastic waste to make new products and packaging, and take a holistic approach to everything – state-of-the-art production techniques (EMAS certified shoe care), cradle-to-cradle production chains, paper and cardboard naturally with FSC certification, product formulas free of palm oil and animal testing on the one hand – and innovative, unique products on the other.

We strive towards keeping the shortest possible distances to our suppliers, giving us better insight into their processes towards more energy-efficient logistics. We’ve even have one of our plastic packaging product manufacturers based on our own company site. This eliminates long distances on roads and helps us cut down on carbon emissions.

Cooperation with our partners based on mutual trust and confidence has played a major lasting role in our company’s development. We developed and installed completely new production processes when we were developing the first solvent-free shoe polish on the market in close cooperation with leading chemical companies. These processes are unique at minimising environmental impact as they reflect the holistic view we have taken, avoiding problem shifting to other areas from the start. Open transfer of knowhow with our business partners plays a part in the high degree of innovation and constant improvement in our products. Constant development of spray-free impregnation products as concentrates for dabbing or foams for spreading onto a material are noticeably more convenient to use and less burdensome for users and the environment. Long-term cooperation with our suppliers has given us a secure source of wood from naturally reforested beech forests or red cedar inventories that we use in our shoe trees. We opt for natural materials such as bamboo wherever we can when developing new soles and insoles – materials to minimise our footprint on human health and the environment. All of our efforts keep the creative process alive towards using “smart” resources.